About Markus Böge

About Markus Böge

I am husband, father of three, professional software developer, people manager, FLL coach, maker, hockey player, LEGO fan and finally I have become a MOC designer.

Back in the late 80s I was collecting all of the sets that today are known as “Space Classic”. Of course the backbone of my space base was the Monorail.

In the early 90s I switched to City and became of fan of the 9V train system starting with the Load and Haul Railroad.

I had never been interested in LEGO Technic too much although I’ve been owning the Prop Plane.

Quickly the Lego train was replaced by the C64. 10 years later, in the early 2000s, at least I noticed that there are Bionicles now. But I didn’t like them.

Only in the late 2000s I finally came back to LEGO, with the the birth of my first child. It started out with Duplo and City and went quickly over to Ninjago where we are still today (let’s simply forget about Chima).

It’s been 2012 when I came across FIRST Lego League. And there it was: All of a sudden I was into LEGO Technic and Mindstorms and Robotics and stuff…

to be continued…